U/S Results, 2nd Clomid Try

Right side: at least 4 follicles between 1 and 1.4 cm each

Left side: one 2.5 cm follicle– that’s our girl. There were a couple of much smaller follicles on this side. Just the one good candidate, though. No twins this month. I’m almost disappointed. Vanessa’s relieved.

Still haven’t surged, so things look good for a trigger tonight and an IUI at 8:30 AM Wednesday morning. I asked the nurse practitioner about inseminating sooner than 36 hours after the trigger, but she said that even when they do IVF, they always retrieve at 36 hours and the eggs are always still there. That made me feel a little bit better. I mean they wouldn’t put someone through IVF fertility drug hell and take the chance on missing the eggs, would they?

I’m going to do at least one more OPK today, and if I surge before 8:30 PM (trigger time), I reserve the right to ask for the insemination to be moved up to tomorrow afternoon.

There were at least 4 other couples at the RE’s at 7 AM this morning, none of them looking very shiny or happy. One of the husbands walked in wearing a shirt that said “Christian Redneck and Proud of It.” Is this his way of shoring up his masculinity before he has to jack off in a cup?



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2 responses to “U/S Results, 2nd Clomid Try

  1. Co

    Wow. Clomid really does give you a mega-follie! 25 mm! Whoa! Sorry you didn’t get more than one follie out of it though.

    Good luck with the IUI.

  2. Hope this is a “good” one! I start my Clomid tonight, hoping I’ll get a nice big follicle, too.

    Fingers crossed!!!

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