Mel and Ness Family Update

We have a 7 AM appointment tomorrow (on MLK Day– can you believe it? I love the RE.) to have an ultrasound. I can’t wait to see what Clomid brought us this month– particularly with the new days 5-9 regimen. I know we’ve got something in there because I’m bloated. I just hope it’s what we need. I’m still nervous about waiting until cycle day 17 for the IUI when I normally ovulate on CD13, but I’ve been testing my LH every day for the past 3 days, and it looks like I’m nowhere near surging, so I guess we’ll be OK. Tomorrow is CD15. If all looks well (meaning if we have at least one plump viable follicle), we’ll trigger tomorrow night and go in for an IUI Wednesday morning.

Buffy got her external fixater (her pins and bars) removed on Thursday and got spayed and chipped. The nurse called us when she woke up and let us know she was doing well– that she was extremely groggy and also extremely happy. That’s our Buff. They can drill through her bones, slice her open and scoop out her ovaries, and put an RFID chip in her neck, and she comes back grinning and begging for more. Ah, life with a golden retriever.


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One response to “Mel and Ness Family Update

  1. Co

    I’ve been hoping for an update.

    Hope you get good news on the follie front tomorrow.

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