Starting the New Year Upside Down

Mel and I went to a wonderful New Year’s Eve party at our friends Katie and Dave’s house. They live down the block from us, so we walked home about 12:15. After taking the dogs out, we were in bed by 1 am. Mel had one drink; I didn’t have anything to drink. I woke up around 6 on New Year’s Day to take the dogs out. I was still tired and a bit groggy because we usually go to bed much earlier. As I started down the steps to open the back door, I fell. Luckily, there are only three steps to the back door. I landed face down on the platform with my right arm twisted behind me and my legs up in the air. Buffy walked over me to get to the door.

Mel was still in bed, but she came when I called her. Mel’s very helpful in a crisis if you need someone to scream “ohmigodohmigodohmigodohmigodohmigodohmigod”. She helped me up and took the dogs out for me.

Thankfully I didn’t break or sprain anything. I have some decent bruises and a bad scrape on my ankle. I’m a little achey, but otherwise fine. It was a wonderful start to the New Year.



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3 responses to “Starting the New Year Upside Down

  1. Co

    Ouch. Sorry you fell.

  2. This is terrible! And kind of funny. Our basement/backdoor landings are kind of the same, and I’ve wiped out twice. Something about the way they are configured makes me lose my depth perception.

  3. Ow! I hate falls. Hope your bruises and aches clear up soon.

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