Handing over the keys

I plotted this month’s conception strategy this morning with the RE’s nurse. More accurately, the nurse plotted it. Holy crap. I am not driving anymore, and it freaks me out. We did our first IUI with the RE last month, but this month I realize that it’s really out of my hands for the first time. The nurse basically told me to throw out what I know about my own cycle because they’re “fiddling” with me now.

Last month we started Clomid on Day 3. This month, we’re starting on Day 5. AND I started spotting yesterday, but the nurse tells me that they don’t count Day 1 until your first day of real flow, so that throws off my counting. AND she disregarded that I usually ovulate on Day 13 b/c she says that the Clomid, administered on Day 5 for 5 days, is going to push back my ovulation anyway. So we’re not even doing an ultrasound until January 15th, which I would normally have called the 15th day of my cycle, and we’re inseminating on the 17th!– 4 days after when I would time it with a regular cycle. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

But I’m going to go with it I guess. Obviously, we’ve not been doing that well on our own. I said I was ready to leave it up to the experts, and now I guess it’s time to follow through. Worst case scenario– I ovulate earlier than they think and we miss our chance this cycle. At least we will have only spent money on our copays for the Clomid and the u/s. Because the cryobank is here in town, we don’t have to purchase sperm until the day before an insemination.



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3 responses to “Handing over the keys

  1. Good luck with all the fiddling. Letting go of the wheel has to be scary.

  2. vee

    Good luck!
    Let’s hope they drive this straight past the winning post!

  3. Co

    The Clomid will definitely change your cycle.

    But I hear you about not wanting to give up the keys. I think you should ignore certain things, if you want. My R.E. told me to stop charting because it just makes women nervous. I didn’t stop and I still enjoy collecting the data.

    And remember, you do have a right to consent or not consent to things. My clinic is very pushy sometimes, but the reality is, patients have rights and all of these are elective procedures. So, while it’s fine to give them the keys, remember you can take them back. Hope this next cycle is THE ONE for you.

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