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More bad dreams

Last night I dreamed that I was taking pregnancy tests over and over again, but something always went wrong. In one dream I got to the bathroom and realized we were all out. In another I wasted an open test stick because I couldn’t pee (this has happened to me in real life). In another I couldn’t get the package open before I finished peeing (don’t know why I didn’t open it first). In another the test was really complicated (something like mixing and drawing up your first HCG shot), and I had to pee really bad while I was trying to figure it out.

In the last dream I got up and successfully peed on the stick only to get yet another Not Pregnant. Except that last one wasn’t a dream. It was the reoccuring nightmare I woke Vanessa up to again this morning.

I’m tired. I’m taking February off. I didn’t think I’d ever want to take a month off, but I’m finally there. We don’t really have the money to do it this month anyway. Our savings are exhausted, and we probably would have ended up carrying a balance on a credit card for a February IUI– something we try not to ever do. Our finances need some time to recuperate. I’ve also been taking extra hormones for 9 months, and I don’t even recognize my own natural emotions anymore.

Also, I want some answers. I’m asking the RE what other testing we can do. The only tests we’ve had done are a day 21 progesterone test and the HSG. We’ve dealt with the luteal phase defect with projegesterone bullets (I won’t miss those this month) and the HSG was clear. We’ve tried 2 months of Clomid. Ovulation doesn’t seem to be a problem, and my lining is good. So what else is wrong with me? Why isn’t this happening for us?



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You Must Buy an HDTV

It’s time for the Super Bowl, which means it’s time for newspapers to run articles about which HDTV you should buy. I won’t bother with a hyperlink to the article in this morning’s Star. I can summarize – Digital TV = HDTV.

I know that these articles are supposed to inform readers about creating the best experience for enjoying sports. And I know that HDTV is the way to do that. However, I object when articles leave readers with the impression that everyone has to buy an HDTV before 2009. Bullshit.

What happens in 2009? In February, 2009, that’s just two years from now, all over-the-air television signals switch from analog to digital signals. That means that the lovely old RCA console that you grew up watching in your parent’s basement won’t work any more. Or does it?

Enter the $40 set-top box. These little doodads receive over-the-air (that means free) digital television signals and converts them to the analog signals that work on older televisions. Congress is even trying to figure out a way to provide coupons for free set-top boxes to people who can’t afford to buy them.

If you listen to manufacturers and retailers, they’ll tell you need to buy a HDTV. If you listen to cable and satellite operators, they’ll tell you have to pay for TV. Don’t listen to these folks. You can keep your existing TVs and still watch free TV after 2009. Check out the government’s consumer education Web site at for more details.

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Peggy Alert

I’ve been dealing with some Mom issues this past week. I can’t really go into details, but I felt like I should reveal that they involve her former employer, Marsh Supermarkets. She was accused of doing something she didn’t do, and the whole thing got blown out of proportion. Fearing that she might go to jail (which was never a possibility), she signed a promissory note agreeing to pay back way more money than she has. (Sounds like the familiar story of Marsh using money from the working poor to subsidize their operations.) She just wanted the whole thing to go away, never mind that she was coerced into making a “confession”. There are two sides to this story, and she isn’t entirely innocent, either. But, Marsh took it too far. I’ve offered Marsh the opportunity to remedy the situation, and they are taking steps in that direction. I may change my tune a little depending on how things turn out.


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On a recent trip to the bathroom…

I discovered tooth holes in one of my favorite pair of underwear– a lucky pair that I like to wear to inseminations (on second thought, perhaps not so lucky) and when I make presentations. Damn you, Buffy! Is this how you repay MamaMel’s unwavering love and affection?

I can’t believe I didn’t notice this when I put them on this morning. I hope I don’t get a car accident on the way home. Shirley will never forgive me if I end up in the hospital in these.


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Marsh Lands at Crystal Flash

I’m really disappointed to hear that David Marsh, former president of Marsh Supermarkets, is now the president of Crystal Flash. I worked for Crystal Flash for three years and always thought very highly of the Fehsenfeld family and John Madden, their former president. John did a lot of good things for CF. If you watch any local news, then you’ve probably seen John representing CF. He was especially vocal when Governor O’Bannon suspended the gas tax in 2001.

My mom works for Village Pantry, which is owned by Marsh Supermarkets. Village Pantry stores are convenience stores similar to CF’s stores. They even use a lot of the same antiquated technology. What they don’t share is the way that they treat their employees. CF is very good to their employees. They have a top-notch Director of Human Resources in Kathy Marra-Wert. There’s no monkey business on Kathy’s watch. I can’t say the same for VP. Some of the things that my mom has had to endure while in Marsh’s employ are just unbelievable. I hope that David Marsh doesn’t turn out to be a negative influence on CF.



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God Bless the Colts

I’ve always believed that sporting events are surrogates for making social bonds. I don’t need to get to know you. I only need to know for which team or driver you’re rooting. You’re a Jeff Gordan fan? Clearly you aren’t my kind of people.

As I watched all the screaming revelers after the Colts game Sunday night, I realized that sporting events are also surrogates for community activities of old, such as harvest time or hunting time. It’s not time to send out a hunting party. It’s time to go to the Super Bowl. And in the same way that God blessed our harvests and hunting excursions, He now blesses our sports teams. For it is but by the glory of God that the Colts won the AFC championship. Let’s make a sacrifice!



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Congratulations Consuming Indy

Kudos to Michelle over at Consuming Indy for getting a nod from Intake magazine as one of Indy’s best blogs. Michelle’s a transplant to Indy, and her coverage of things to do in Indy is top notch. We hope you stick around!

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