Why I read fertility blogs

I’m a masochist?

To find out what we’re doing wrong

To find out what else we can do

To remind myself that we’re not alone

To give Vanessa an hour or two break daily from my TTC obsessing




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2 responses to “Why I read fertility blogs

  1. Hey, kid. Sorry to hear the news.
    Just wanted to get back with you about tomorrow. I *might* have to work till 11am, but Charlie definitely has to work at the Vogue tonight till about 4am, so he’ll be asleep till after 11, anyway. This means we wouldn’t make it out until after noon. I don’t want you going to any trouble on our behalf. 🙂 I’ll give you a ring tonight or tomorrow morning, if that’s okay? Sorry for not being better organized. I’m usually much better.

  2. Don’t forget to get inspiration from the bloggers who actually achieve a healthy pregnancy and a baby from all their efforts.

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