PG or Flu?

I just returned from Target (lunch hour– I’m back to work) with a bottle of Pepto and a Clearblue Easy pregnancy test. Either I’ve got a stomach bug, or I’m pregnant. I lean toward stomach bug. My stomach has been upset ever since I had Chinese for lunch with my mom yesterday. It feels like someone has been kicking me from the inside, but there’s not really any nausea associated with it– just a lot of soreness and another unpleasant symptom I’m hoping the Pepto will cure. I’ve only felt this kind of stomach upset twice before– several years ago after vomiting for several hours with seasickness and earlier this year on our return from San Diego, where I’m convinced Vanessa and I both got food poisoning. I talked to mom this morning, though, and she’s feeling fine.

Tomorrow will be 14 dpo. I wish I felt more positive about our chances this month than I do, but I keep thinking that we were probably a few hours too late for our insemination. Trying to keep a positive attitude, though. Clomid worked well for me. I got a really big follicle. If it didn’t work this month, I think it will in another try or two.


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  1. Peppermint tea and fresh ginger I find consistently help my stomach issues.

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