Parthenogenesis is so cool.

I wish we could do this. Except for the Oedipal part that comes afterwards.



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2 responses to “Parthenogenesis is so cool.

  1. When I was newly single, broken-hearted and all pissed off, I read this book called Adam’s Curse: A Future Without Men. I was at a place where I had decided to be in a relationship with only myself for the remainder of my life. This book did nothing to make me feel better but was an interesting scientific exploration. Disclaimer: The book was kind of a hodge-podge of shit at times and me being socially liberal I found some of his theories ridiculous however there were some very interesting points about the Y chromosome. Basically, the book purports that because of certain behaviors men engage in at a higher percentage than women (war, high-stress, high-power jobs, multiple sexual partners to name just a few) and other factors beyond a person’s control like pollution, stuff in our water and genetically altered meat etc., the Y chromosome is degrading in quality to the point that it could become extinct. Before anyone gets all honked off and accuses me of overgeneralization, note that I am grossly paraphrasing from the book so if you want all the details, go read it. Anyway, the book goes on to point out that the X chromosome could potentially evolve to exist and procreate without Y sperm, something like parthenogenesis. It’s cool! Komodo dragons kind of freak me out though. I’m not a reptile person.

  2. I just read this on CNN. It’s totally cool to find parthenogenesis in a large species. Evolution rocks, and it makes me hopeful for humans.

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