Post RE Insem

I’m up early this morning b/c between my sinuses and the persistent bloat (Is this Clomid finally working its will on me? I feel like a cow.), I’m too uncomfortable to sleep. Also, Buffy has diarrhea and keeps whining, so I got up to let her out. 3rd poop of the morning already! Poor baby. Vanessa had to clean up the mess she left on the newspapers in the nursery.

I woke up at 3:00 in the morning yesterday (insem day) to worry about my aging eggs pretty much off and on until 6:00 when we had to get up in order to make it to the RE’s on time for our insemination. The waiting room was a lot more comfortable. There were two other couples there for Saturday morning procedures, and these people didn’t mind talking about what they were going through. One of the women warned me that the insemination room would be cold. She wasn’t kidding. After the IUI, Vanessa covered me with both of our coats while I “baked” (the nurse’s word) the obligatory 30 minutes. If there is a next time, we’ll probably bring a light blanket.

Nurse Lunch Lady’s demeanor was much improved, and I’ve decided I like her. It was the fastest, least uncomfortable IUI I’ve ever had. She used a teeny tiny little catheter and explained that they don’t like to use anything bigger or longer b/c they don’t want the uterus to cramp and potentially expell what they’re putting in there. There was hardly any cramping this time. We told her about the “fluid in the cul-de-sac” and that I had apparently already ovulated sometime before 3:30 the day before, and she said that a shrunken follicle and fluid just means that you’re beginning to ovulate and that the egg doesn’t just “pop” out. It takes a while. That was reassuring. She thought our timing looked pretty good.

2 dpo. We got an order for a pregnancy test on 12/30, but we probably won’t get results back until after the New Year.



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3 responses to “Post RE Insem

  1. Co

    I have terrible bloat (and some pain) on Clomid right before and around ovulation time. I’m sorry you seem to have that, too, but I think it means the Clomid and trigger shot are working their magic.

    Glad to know it went well and that the timing was good. Fingers SO crossed for you. My beta test is a day before yours, 12/29!

    And Maggie the dachshund sends kisses to Buffy, the sick pup.

  2. That Clomid bloat sounds like fun! I can’t wait!

    Good luck with this cycle! I hope you get great news to kick off the New Year!

  3. Nope — Rachel didn’t take progesterone this month. She has in the past, though. This was definitely something other than drugs, we think, although we have no way to really know, other than a hunch.
    We actually scheduled an IVF consult appointment today. The doctor is someone our insem-doctor studied under. He’s supposed to be quite good. We don’t meet with him until mid-January, however, and we won’t be able to start IVF for quite a while due to Rachel’s teaching schedule.
    In the meantime, I think we’re going to do a couple more IUIs, since our insurance will pay for it starting in January. Why not, ya know?
    Anyway, thanks for the comments on our blog and for reading. Email us, if you want!

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