Vanessa and Melody try to make a baby

Looks like I ovulated a little ahead of schedule today. I went in for an u/s at 3:30, and my big beautiful follicles from yesterday had shrunk and there was “fluid in the cul-de-sac” behind my uterus, so apparently I’ve popped. Vanessa and I went ahead and did an at-home insemination the minute I got home, and we’re still going in tomorrow morning bright and early. The egg will still be less than 24 hours old. I’m hoping for the best case scenario of somewhere around 18 hours old, so there’s still a shot it could work. It’s not the ideal insemination scenario we had hoped for, though.

Still glad we did one at home. I kind of hope Vanessa posts about the experience since I’m not up for describing it. It was definitely more comical than romantic.

Now entering the TWW.



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2 responses to “Vanessa and Melody try to make a baby

  1. Co

    Sorry you popped sooner than expected. But thanks for letting me know how it looks after you’ve popped.

    Glad the at-home insem went well. Fingers crossed for you that one of your insems will take. I mean, the egg inside the 27-mm follie might be so huge the spermies won’t be able to resist.

  2. Unrelated, I know, but it was good to see you guys tonight. We definitely want to see your place and I am sorry I haven’t made it down to work on your machine yet. It will happen very, very soon. In fact, the week of Christmas I have a lot of time off from work and not a lot of plans, so if you haven’t got much going on then . . . I also forgot to mention part of having Cavan around means affording a nicer, bigger place. 🙂

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