Just Checking Coverage

“Hi, yes, I need to find out if a couple of tests are covered. … Uh, yes, I need a gonorrhea and a chlamydia culture.”

Vanessa started this post but I (Mel) am going to finish it. The state of Indiana has this crazy law mandating that, if you get artificially inseminated with donor sperm in a physician’s office, you have to go through all of the same testing the donor receives. Apparently, this RE follows the letter of the law. That’s one of the reasons yesterday was such a big day. We spent half of it getting all kinds of last minute emergency bloodwork done in preparation for tomorrow morning’s office insem. They took 6 vials! Tomorrow I have to get gonorrhea and chlamydia cultures done before they will inseminate me. So tonight I made a last minute call to our insurance company to make sure those tests are covered– with Vanessa giggling madly in the background. In case anyone’s worried, they’re covered.

Seriously, though. Maybe all of this testing sounds reasonable to some folks. Me? I think it’s a bunch of horse shit. I have no reason to think I have any STDs and of course I get tested for HPV every year at my annual pap. I’ve had exactly 3 sexual partners in my entire life– 2 since I was 19– all of them women. No fertile heterosexual couple has to go through the full line-up of STD testing before they’re given the greenlight to procreate. In fact, if you’re hetero and artificially inseminating with your husband’s sperm, you don’t have to do this. To me this is about discriminating against lesbians– something Indiana does not shy away from.



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2 responses to “Just Checking Coverage

  1. Co

    I had to get tested for Hep and HIV first. It’s a state law.

    I wasn’t offended, only because I think everyone considering having a child should get tested for STDs just because they can interfere with pregnancy. And some diseases, like Hep, can be gotten through other types of contact. I mean, as a teacher, I dealt with bleeding children without first putting on safety gloves like I was supposed to. I knew the risks were small, but it wasn’t really a smart thing to do. Why not be sure?

    I hear what you’re saying about het couples not having to go through any of this. I once suggested to a het person, who thought it was wrong that two mothers could be put on a “birth certificate” even though obviously one wasn’t a bio mother, that if the law wants to require both parents on a birth certificate to be the bio parents, they should require paternity testing of all men wanting to be listed of the father. She of course said that that was an insulting suggestion. I said that was kind of my point. Those in the majority aren’t as used to being insulted as minorities are. We’re insulted all the fricking time.

  2. I don’t think the tests are bad per se. I agree though they are 100% discriminatory in this back-assed state. My personal opinion is I think they should be mandated for anyone and everyone trying to have a baby simply because some of the diseases can cause complications and you never know even if you’ve had one partner what you might have. My OB told me that if a person comes in for a pre-conception consultation, he does a full workup on STD tests even if invitro is not involved for that reason – to protect mother and baby.

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