Holy Clomid!

It was a big day. First, the important stuff.

Left side: one 17 mm follicle

Right side: one 10 mm follicle and one 27 mm follicle. That’s right 27 mm, baby! I grew that!!

Given this better than expected news, we’ve decided to just go for broke and get an IUI at the RE’s this Saturday. A Saturday IUI! We’ve never gotten that before. In approximately 45 minutes, Vanessa’s going to do our first at-home HCG trigger shot. The scary nurse (who, coincidentally, is going to be performing my IUI on Saturday and, according to Vanessa, looks like she had two paths to choose from in life– evil lunch lady or scary nurse) marked an X on my butt and everything.


  • For as much $$ as these doctors are making, we expected a more comfortable, less crowded waiting room. We did not expect happier patients, and we were not disappointed in that regard. Everyone looked like they had just returned from a funeral. At least there were no babies to taunt us.
  • The doctor looks like a mad scientist. Mad science is great if it gets us pregnant. We really liked him. He seemed so excited about my 27 mm follicle. He practically clapped his hands with glee– “and you haven’t popped it yet!!” Reminded me of Vanessa before she pops a pimple.

I appear to be surging (even in advance of the HCG shot, according to an LH OPK test I took around 6:30 tonight), so we’re still going to do an at-home insemination tomorrow night and then another one at the doc’s office. Do we need to do the HCG shot? Probably not, but since things look so good I don’t really want to take chances with ovulation.

Vanessa is busily researching HCG injection– watching obnoxiously loud and medical sounding videos online. It’s not making me feel less nervous about what’s about to happen. But I still feel really positive about this month.



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6 responses to “Holy Clomid!

  1. Vanessa is amazing. I can’t believe she gave me a shot. It didn’t hurt at all. Thank you so much, baby! I love you!

  2. No prob. It’s easier than popping your pimples.

  3. Co

    The trigger shot is much scarier than the first time than ever again. I had a whole post about how terrified I was the first time Lo and I did it at home, and how it was really nothing. Then a bunch of other bloggers commented and told their trigger shot stories. If you want to look, some of their stories were pretty fun.


    Wow! A 27 mm follie! Excellent. And yes you should have done the trigger because in addition to causing the mature follies to pop, it also stimulates the other follies to mature. So, yay!

  4. vee

    Yah! Super-follie!!
    Good luck with the scary nurse and well done on the injection – Brave!

  5. The shot itself was nothing. I felt sorry for Vanessa b/c she was so stressed out trying to mix the ingredients. She had problems getting the syringe to fill properly with water and then she accidentally used the short needle to suck up the HCG mixture. The actual stick didn’t hurt a bit. I totally trust her to do this again anytime if we have to. She is my hero.

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