Pre-seed redux

Just placed our order for sperm, and it turns out that our cryobank recommends Pre-seed and even sells it in a home insemination kit. That seals the deal. I’m going to pick up some of it today. Dr. Aziz Pharmacy in Castleton (northside of Indianapolis) carries it. For those who might be looking for empirical information on Pre-seed, the tech at our cryobank suggested that, in order to get everything out of the syringe, we do the insemination and then add a little Pre-seed to the syringe and inseminate again. So they’re obviously very comfortable with its effects on sperm.

I’m starting to feel really good about this month– not I-have-a-feeling-this-is-our-month kind of good but a comfortable kind of good.

Also, it turns out that there is apparently almost nothing I will not talk about on this blog anymore.



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5 responses to “Pre-seed redux

  1. Almost being the key word there 🙂

  2. Co

    I was the girl in high school who felt embarassed when her friends mentioned that they had their periods. I would *never* do that.

    Now, I tell everyone about what size my follicles are and how I inject myself in the belly with HcG somehow gleaned from the ovaries of hamsters? I’ve either come a long way, baby, or I’ve sunk awfully far. Take your pick.

    The preseed sounds like a good move!

    I’m glad you’re feeling positive. To which I say, run with it! Enjoy it! Don’t question it!

  3. vee

    I say hurrah for no shame in your topics of conversation – grateful for the information on pre-seed and may try it myself based on your recommendation!

  4. Hamsters?! I didn’t know that! And you inject yourself?! My nurse practitioner has been taking care of that for us. I know if we have to move on to injectables Vanessa or I will have to do the injections, but I’m holding off on that as long as possible. I hate needles.

    BTW– Pre-seed? Freaking expensive. I went to the pharmacy at lunch– $17.65!

  5. Co

    Excerpt from the little pamphlet that comes with my trigger shot…

    “The production process involves expansion of modified Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells from an extensively characterized cell bank in large scale cell culture processing.”

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