It looks like Vanessa and I are going to go ahead and inseminate this month after all, but we’re going to try it at home. We’re really looking forward to this opportunity to do this together and without a doctor’s help, even if it doesn’t work out this month. No one can say we haven’t done this insemination thing– everything from picking up a 2 foot tall tank at a cryobank, driving it 900 miles, and hauling it into the lobby of our doc’s office to trigger shots, ultrasounds, and now your basic old-fashioned turkey basting.

At the risk of complicating matters, I’ve been reading up on Preseed. This product has been recommended to me by a couple who were successful with at-home insemination (w/out Luteal Phase Defect but with their own unique problems, including Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), but since our doc/nurse practitioner isn’t familiar with it, we’ve not tried it. Most regular lubricants are sperm-hostile, but this stuff is supposed to be completely safe. It provides a safe medium for sperm to make the journey through the cervix by mimicing eggwhite-quality cervical fluid– just what you want at ovulation-time.

I was afraid to do Clomid this month b/c I know it dries up cervical fluid, and since we’re not going to be bypassing my cervix this time with an IUI, we need that quality fluid. After reading up on Preseed, though, I’m tempted to go ahead with the Clomid if we use this, too. Any TTC and/or pregnant lurkers out there who have done this or who care to weigh in with an opinion? I have an e-mail out to our nurse practitioner with the link to get her opinion, too.



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5 responses to “Preseed

  1. Co

    I have no advice about Clomid and the Preseed.

    If you do an at-home insem, will you be going to the doctor’s for sonograms to monitor your follicles and will you be triggering still, or will you be relying on charts, OPKs, fertility monitor?

    The only reason I ask is because if you’re going to be using charts to detect your ovulation date, I think maybe going on Clomid isn’t the best idea.
    My charts are very different on Clomid than they normally are. Clomid artificially elevates my BBTs during the first half of my cycle, pretty much up to ovulation. Also, since there’s no fertile mucus, I don’t get that info either. So if I had to predict my ovulation based on my charts, I couldn’t do it while on Clomid. I’d have to rely totally on OPKs.

    If you’re still going in for sonograms and such, then I think the only question is the Preseed. I don’t know if your doctor would even let you do Clomid without monitoring. And if so, I wouldn’t recommend it for your first Clomid cycle. (A) It’s interesting to see how it affects your follies, and (B) it’s reassuring to know that it’s working and that the discomfort you may be feeling just means that your ovaries are being crowded with plump follies, not that you have a big cyst or something.

  2. Co– thank you so much for the info. I did not know Clomid would elevate my BBTs. That would have made me crazy. Talked to my nurse practioner last night. We are not going to do Preseed, but we are going to do Clomid with estrogen support (to improve the cervical fluid), probably 2 ultrasounds and an HCG shot. I’m definitely using an ovulation predictor kit this month– something I’ve gotten out of the practice of doing since I’ve been going in for u/s the last couple of months. I’ve been charting for a year and rely heavily on those to tell me when I’ve ovulated, but b/c the progesterone lengthens my luteal phase (artifically prolonging my cycle), the charts have been wonky for a while now.

  3. mac

    I’m totally not making light of your situation, but I have to tell you that I have a totally hilarious visual in my head of exactly what a DIY insemination at home might look like. Heh!

  4. Also not making light but to further the DIY imagery, these 2 are the DIY queens. Ripping out plaster dropped ceilings, major room demo, putting in insulation, doing unheard of things to the basement bathroom with fiberglass and ceramic drills to the make the shower larger. So if the other projects are any indication, this DIY project should go well 🙂

  5. e.

    hey there,

    i don’t know how clomid and preseed mix, but i have used preseed when we were doing ici at home with fresh and frozen sperm…i did not get pregnant and am now doing iui. anyway— the point of my post is that I have a box of preseed that i believe is unopened left over and would be happy to mail it to you if you want it for future use. if you want it email me.

    best of luck,

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