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Why I read fertility blogs

I’m a masochist?

To find out what we’re doing wrong

To find out what else we can do

To remind myself that we’re not alone

To give Vanessa an hour or two break daily from my TTC obsessing



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No Belated Christmas Gift for us

I tested this morning, and according to the HPT, I am not pregnant. It’s at least a small relief to know that pregnancy probably does not feel like food poisoning, which is what I think I had. I don’t know why Shirley didn’t get sick, too. Maybe it wasn’t even the Chinese food. Maybe her stomach isn’t as sensitive as mine– probably all of the hormones I’ve been taking.

I still have to take a blood pregnancy test tomorrow morning, even though I’m pretty confident in the digital ClearBlue Easy test. I have nothing but good things to say about that test. It’s nice to leave behind all ambiguity about the result. A little hourglass flashes until it’s ready, and then you get a very clear read out: Pregnant or Not Pregnant. No shadowy blue lines that you go back and check every 5 minutes for an hour and a half just to make sure the result didn’t change.

I’m continuing to take the progesterone bullets until I get the results of the BPT– probably Tuesday morning. I’m hoping it will hold my period off until at least New Year’s Eve– preferably New Year’s Day. Otherwise, we will not be able to try in January because of a business trip. It sucks taking them when I know I don’t have to. They’re inconvenient and kind of gross, and I hate falling asleep on my back.

I think we’ve refined our formula. I think the Clomid will work but that we need to wait only 24 hours after the trigger rather than 36. Apparently I have vain and sensitive eggs. If they’re not feeling young and beautiful, they refuse to receive gentlemen callers. Whenever I picture what’s going on in there, I see a charged game of Fallopian Ms. Pacman. My eggs are more skilled than I because they have managed to elude the ghosts for going on 8 months now. They have to have racked up billions of points. I expect this kid to get a full ride to MIT by the time this is done.


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PG or Flu?

I just returned from Target (lunch hour– I’m back to work) with a bottle of Pepto and a Clearblue Easy pregnancy test. Either I’ve got a stomach bug, or I’m pregnant. I lean toward stomach bug. My stomach has been upset ever since I had Chinese for lunch with my mom yesterday. It feels like someone has been kicking me from the inside, but there’s not really any nausea associated with it– just a lot of soreness and another unpleasant symptom I’m hoping the Pepto will cure. I’ve only felt this kind of stomach upset twice before– several years ago after vomiting for several hours with seasickness and earlier this year on our return from San Diego, where I’m convinced Vanessa and I both got food poisoning. I talked to mom this morning, though, and she’s feeling fine.

Tomorrow will be 14 dpo. I wish I felt more positive about our chances this month than I do, but I keep thinking that we were probably a few hours too late for our insemination. Trying to keep a positive attitude, though. Clomid worked well for me. I got a really big follicle. If it didn’t work this month, I think it will in another try or two.

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This is just to say that there’s nothing to say

9 dpo, and I have the usual progesterone-related symptoms which could also be perceived as early pregnancy symptoms. I am not getting excited. Where TTC is concerned, I feel like I’m *nowhere*– neither up nor down. That’s actually kind of a welcome change from other months. It’s still early, though. My sanity will likely start breaking down on Thursday or Friday of this week– right before it’s time to take our blood pregnancy test. We have not yet purchased an HPT. I’m thinking about not doing it this month– just waiting for the BPT and finding out that way.


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Pricing IVF– Just curious

I just found a breakdown on the cost of IVF. (Scroll way down on that page if you follow the link.) B/c it’s kind of tedious to wade through all of the stuff on that page, I’m summarizing here:

  • Screening lab: $300 (3%)
  • Ultrasound/lab work: $3,000 (30%)
  • Egg recovery: $1,500 (15%)
  • Fertilization lab: $2,000 (20%)
  • Embryo transfer: $1,000 (10%)
  • Ovulation drugs: $2,190 (22%)
  • Total: $9,990 (100%)

Considering what our insurance covers (most ultrasounds and most drugs), I think we could get a cycle of IVF for between $4500 and $5000. Don’t worry. I’m not losing hope for this cycle yet (5 dpo today), but I had some “spare time” at work and decided to do a little research.

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Parthenogenesis is so cool.

I wish we could do this. Except for the Oedipal part that comes afterwards.


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