Not that there was much doubt after 1 definitely negative home pregnancy test and 1 kind of cloudy off-brand home pregnancy test (no more Meijer-brand HPTs), but we got the blood test results back about 45 minutes ago, and I am definitely not pregnant this month.

According to the plan, we try again in Jan, but V and I will be out of town when I ovulate, so that pushes us back to February for our first try with Clomid. I’m looking forward to going off the progesterone and not worrying about drinking over the holidays, but 2  and 1/2 months seems like a long time to wait before we can try again. I’m glad we have Rosie and Buffy for distraction.

*For those not obsessed with TTC (trying to conceive), BFN stands for Big Fat Negative.



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5 responses to “BFN*

  1. vee

    Gah – that’s crappy news – sorry there’s no BFP for you this time round and EVEN WORSE that you have to wait so long before being able to try again!

    Here’s hoping those dogs keep you busy and smiling.

  2. e.

    Sorry to hear it.

    I hope you find peace in your break. Last winter I was forced into a break and found it was the best thing for me. After that we made a plan to only inseminate every other month, thus giving me some time to deal and not feel too stressed. So far we are not keeping to that idea, but if Dec. does not work, I will seriously consider taking Jan. off, just to give myself a break.

    I hope your break lets you enjoy the holidays!

  3. Co

    I’m so sorry you got a BFN. I know it’s less of a blow when you’ve gotten a BFN on an hpt, but even so, it sucks to get the confirmation.

    I’m sorry, too, that you’re going to have a longish layoff. But as others have said, sometimes that’s good. It’s so much stress on the body and the spirit to TTC. I was tempted to take December off myself, but didn’t.

    I know what you mean about going off the progesterone and not having to worry about what you put in your body. Hopefully that’ll be nice for you for the holidays.

    You asked me about Clomid on my blog, and I replied there, but I’ll add it here, too. Clomid has been no big deal in my case, fortunately. I know some women get hot flashes or feel crazy on it, so that’s a possibility. But, the only side effect I’ve had is a Clomid headache. And of course, before ovulation I feel really bloated. But that’s the point of Clomid… to give you extra follicles… so the bloat is okay. I hope your experience is similarly easy and that you can avoid the yuckiest side effects like I am. (I actually find the progesterone to be crazy-making, not the Clomid.)

  4. I think we should inseminate at home during December. Mel thinks we have a timing problem because we’re at the mercy of the doc’s schedule. We could inseminate twice at home for the same amount of money it costs us to inseminate once at the doc’s office.

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