Dinner Is Served

Last night for dinner I made a muffuletta sandwich and minestrone soup. For the sandwich, I used a round loaf of bread that Mel made Sunday evening. It was perfect because you have to hollow out the bread to stuff it with the sandwich ingredients. I was able to take out most of the guts without puncturing the bread. The bread soaked up the vinaigrette without getting soggy. For the soup, I used the turkey stock that Mel made from her parent’s turkey carcass. It’s really good stock, which makes it easy to make a good soup.



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3 responses to “Dinner Is Served

  1. It was so yummy. I wish we had taken a picture. It’s perfect party food b/c the sandwich serves at least 4 as a main course, or you could cut it into smaller wedges and serve it as an appetizer. From now on, every time I make bread, I’ll be making a round loaf to set aside for a muffuletta-type sandwich. This one had all the obscenely fatty ingredients that go into your typical Italian sandwich– ham, pepperoni, provolone, olive tapenade, etc. Vanessa included sundried tomatoes, too.

    The next sandwich might be a slightly less fattening greek version with spinach, feta, and kalamata olives.

  2. Yes, because feta is diet food.

  3. I said slightly less fattening– not diet. The Greek version would not include greasy pepperoni– not that I don’t love greasy pepperoni.

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