My Dog Could Eat Your Honor Student

but she wouldn’t because she is too sweet.

I (Mel) took Buffy to get her sutures out this morning. (She’ll still have the pins and bars on her leg until after the first week of January.) She was the model of good behavior. She sniffed at but did not try to chase the office cats. She wagged her tail and licked everyone who came into her orbit. She tried to socialize with another puppy in the waiting room and remained friendly even after he barked at her. Every girl has her limits, though. After he snapped at her for the third time, she yipped back an offended little “Rude ass!”

When we went back to the exam room, she laid on her side on the exam table with barely a whimper for 20-30 minutes while the doctor swabbed, poked, and prodded her injured leg to remove the sutures from her surgery. He said he had never even seen an adult dog behave so well. I’m so proud of her. Maybe she’s trying to pay off the $2000 or so we’re spending on her with good behavior.

The doc didn’t charge us for the office visit today. He also told me that if we’d gone to an Indianapolis area veterinary hospital, instead of the one in Anderson that he recommended, this same surgery would have cost $5K-$6K. We love her, but, taking into account what it’s costing us to get pregnant, I don’t think we could have/would have swung it. I’m really glad we went to Anderson.


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