In Vitro Fertilization is starting to look good

I had a low temp this morning (should be high right now), and then around 9:00 AM? Ovulation pain, or at least pain around the left ovary– two days after insemination. Not good. I’m trying to ignore it because how is it possible that the HCG trigger shot could not have released my egg? That’s the whole point of a trigger shot– so that you don’t have to depend on your own unreliable body. Better living through chemistry! Right?

So I’ve been casually researching IVF. $3200-$3700 at a doc we’ve heard good things about with a first time IVF success rate of over 63% for women under 35. And it would be over– maybe. One really awful month of horrible hormonal highs and lows, shots, painful procedures, but then maybe we’d really be pregnant.


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  1. We will be going for our second attempt at IVF in January. (first attempt in October only held for a couple of days ) I think the worst part for TG was the self injections….she didnt like needles to begin with but doing it to herself was not fun. We’ll be keeping an eye on you here….good luck!

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