Beginning the Two Week Wait

Insemination #9 yesterday. It went well (read: no cervical dilation). I was joking around with the nurse practitioner while I was lying on the table, and I asked her to aim to my left b/c that’s where the follicle is. She said, “Actually, your whole uterus kind of tilts to the left. ” I wonder why and what this means for my fertility. Must research.

Vanessa met me at the doc’s office, sperm vial IN HAND. Accepted protocol (according to Mel) for specimen transport is to tuck neatly into one’s bra under one’s boob where it can stay warm against the skin. That stuff is very delicate outside of the body. It doesn’t live long. Vanessa claims she does not have the cleavage to support following the protocol, so she drove all the way from the bank near downtown to the North side of Indianapolis (about a 25 minute drive) with it folded into her palm. I asked the nurses to take a look at it under the microscope before the insemination just to make sure we still had swimmers, and we had lots, so apparently her way works, but I still prefer mine. Today we start the two week wait. If it doesn’t work this time, we’re planning to skip December and start up with Clomid in January.



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2 responses to “Beginning the Two Week Wait

  1. Kate

    I don’t know who you are kidding with transport protocol, but we all know Vanessa won’t wear a bra! Good luck! You guys better CALL me when you know. I’m still in the book.

  2. She actually did wear a bra that day, but she claims the vial just poked out the bottom.

    We’ve got your number. I guarantee that you’ll know before Shirley does.

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