Question to any lurking TTCers

This is for readers who are or who have spent time TTC (Trying To Conceive). Does anyone know the answer to this question? When you get an HCG shot to trigger ovulation even though you’re capable of ovulating normally on your own and you trigger around the time you would normally ovulate, does the HCG always take 24 – 36 hours to do its magic? In other words, say you might have ovulated at 8 AM on Day 13 of your cycle anyway. Will an HCG the previous day at 1:30 PM likely hold back your ovulation to at least 1:30 the following day? Just trying to get as precise as we can here.

I ask because last month we triggered at 9 AM and then did the IUI at 4 PM. It all had to happen quickly b/c I had a mature follicle a day early. The next day would have fallen on a weekend, and there was no way to get the IUI done. So we tried to force an early ovulation in order to get it done when the doc could do it. Now I’m wondering if we were just rushing things too much. I didn’t get a temperature rise until two days after the insem, even though conditions looked really good. Ah, so much second-guessing. So much NOT getting pregnant. So sick of it.


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