Buffy is ready to slay

Buffy is the best. She has lavished us both with puppy kisses since her homecoming last night. I feel terrible that she has to be so confined because she does not seem to be slowed down by her bad leg at all. She is ready to romp and play with someone, but that someone cannot be Rosie right now because Rosie tends to play rough. They’ve met briefly– mostly sniffing each other under a door, once through the gate, and once when Buffy was in the crate and we let Rosie take a peek at her. Rosie is curious but also very jealous. I think once Buffy’s leg is a little better, she will be able to hold her own, but Rose will always be the Alpha dog.

Buffy is cuddly and sweet. Her legs are too long for her body. She’s adorable and awkward. She wants to be touching you all the time. She is definitely going to be a lap dog. We had forgotten what she looked like. Seeing her again so young and perfect I am even more aghast at the behavior of those police officers and the motorist who hit her. How anyone could just throw her life away is beyond me. I’ve filed my complaint against the officer who drives IPD squad car 384. I hope that he is at least reprimanded. I suppose it’s too much to hope that he’s relegated to a desk job in a basement somewhere and never allowed to speak to people again.

Sorry no pictures yet. Vanessa says she’ll clear the photos off the digital camera for me as soon as she finds the cable to it.


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