I got a clean set of pipes

I forgot to mention that I got my HSG test yesterday. Apparently, artificial lubricant is a bad thing. Gynecologists should just tell you so and be done with it. This time at least the doctor dipped the speculum in some warm water. That aside, it wasn’t too bad. The cramping was intense but subsided about an hour after the procedure. I just lie there focusing on the end result– the baby– and I think I can take almost anything now.

The radiologist said I have a “text book” uterus. That’s nice. It took significantly longer for the left fallopian tube to fill than the right, but eventually we saw the fluid moving through it smoothly and emptying into my abdominal cavity. I’m hoping we flushed out anything that might have been in the way. Monday we go in for our next ultrasound and, assuming we’ve got a nice-sized follicle, we’ll do another trigger shot and inseminate again Tuesday. The doctor said that if it doesn’t work this time we should move to a couple of months with Clomid and, if that doesn’t work, she’ll refer us to a reproductive endocrinologist.

I’m nervous about the Clomid because we know several people who have taken it and ended up with twins. Vanessa and I are busily building our ark in the backyard. Two dogs, two cats, two women, two kids. I think we would probably muddle through the twin thing somehow, but I’d rather not.



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2 responses to “I got a clean set of pipes

  1. Kate

    Kitt did the Clomid. No twins. Of course, twins means that you do it all just once. I’m all about being practical.

  2. We did the 50 mg of Clomid to start and didn’t end up with twins. I think if you start with a lower dosage and are using it because you are not producing enough eggs, it produces just enough. At least, that’s what we were told…

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