Buffy’s coming home

Mel again. The animal hospital says we can have Buffy back a day earlier than expected. We had planned to keep her in the middle bedroom (the baby room), but I still have one more coat of paint to put on the walls in there. I thought I would have tonight to finish it. The plan right now is to go up to Anderson after work and get her. She’s probably going to stay in our bedroom for the night. I’m worried that Rosie’s going to be very upset about this turn of events. She already expressed her displeasure that someone’s been riding around in her mama’s car by taking a big dump in Vanessa’s backseat on the way to doggie daycare this morning.

I went to Menard’s at lunch and got more green paint since I didn’t have enough for a second coat. Menard’s had Milkbone brand dog toys on sale, so of course Rosie and Buffy each got one. One’s a pig, and one is a sheep. Is it favoratism if I give Buffy the sheep?

The grand total for Buffy’s care so far: $1582.80. That’s not including the follow-up visit she’s going to require for removing the plates on either side of her leg and getting her spayed. It’s also not including the $200 we paid our vet to look her over, do an x-ray, and put a temporary splint on. Buffy’s shaping up to be well over $2K. We suppose she’ll prove herself worth it. We’ve barely had an opportunity to get to know her yet, since all the time we’ve known her she has been in pain or doped up. In any event, we love you all, but do not expect Christmas presents this year. 😦  I hope you all like pumpkin and banana bread.



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3 responses to “Buffy’s coming home

  1. Kate

    Buffy – such a cute name. Remember to make sure Rosie’s place in the pack doesn’t change right away (you have a real pack). Introduce Buffy slowly, feed them separate for a day or two, don’t give a lot of special attention to Buffy that is outside of Rosie’s routine. It’ll be ok. I introduce new dogs all of the time and it is rare that there is a problem.

  2. How do you avoid giving a new puppy lots of special attention? This is why I’m worried about putting her in our bedroom where Rosie won’t be allowed to go tonight. This is going to be tough.

  3. Buffy’s rescue and subsequent leg repair is the best Christmas present I could think to have :). Seriously. All that nonsense about how good deeds feel better than actual “stuff”? It’s true. Plus, I like knowing we aren’t the only crazy ones spending thousands of dollars to save an animal. In typical Kitty and Shirley fashion, I’ll one-up you guys – I think we still might hold the spending the most honor, but it’s one I’d gladly relinquish 🙂 The integration will be tough because Rosie’s already showing some discontent but that’s totally normal. Also food and other aggression might happen ((or not). if it does, it’s normal so just stay the course, I promise it ends. I recommend you stay out of any skirmishes unless someone’s in danger. Feed them in seperate rooms at first. You gotta just be very conscious that everyone is getting 100% attention. Dave and I often keep each other in check about that. Also, you have to show that Rosie is the “first” dog. Feed her first, give her treats first etc. That will set Buffy’s expectations and also show Rosie you know you had her first. They will sort out their own pack ranks, but you’ve got to reinforce as best as you can. Yay we can’t wait to meet her!

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