Rosie’s new roommate

Melody speaking. This morning on my way to work I stopped to help out a dog who had just been hit. Someone had scooped her up and carried her out of the street, but since they looked so confused about what to do, I stopped to offer my assistance and the use of my cell phone. She was promptly transferred to my arms, and the other people there disappeared.

Two IPD officers responded to the scene to take the police report (for the car that hit the dog). One offered to call animal control who, he said, would probably just euthanize her because she was hurt and without tags. He said I could take her to a vet if I understood that I was to assume all the costs. I asked for help putting her in my car so that I wouldn’t jostle her so much trying to juggle her and my keys and opening the door. The other officer (squad car 384) said, and I quote: “Not in my uniform. I don’t want to get blood all over me.” Neither officer so much as tried to slow down traffic so that I could make it back across the street safely with her. Nice people we have working on IPD.  I plan to file a complaint against Mr. Too Good to Get My Uniform Dirty or Show Any Compassion for a Wounded Creature. Would he have had the same problem helping a wounded human being? Based on his attitude, I’m guessing probably so.

Fortunately, two women who had been watching from a house across the street brought me some towels to lay her on and opened my car door for me. Vanessa met me at our vet’s where we got x-rays and a temporary splint for her. The vet referred us to an animal hospital in Anderson, where we have taken her. They will be repairing her splintered femur tomorrow. She’ll probably get some pins or possibly a plate in her leg. The plan is to take it one day at a time, but we will probably keep her. We’ve already named her Buffy. She is a 30-lb golden retriever or golden retriever mix– about 6 months old, unspayed. She had a collar but no chip, so we have no way of finding her owner, who obviously didn’t care for her enough to keep her secured. She’s beautiful and healthy, and we couldn’t live with the idea of such a sweet young dog being put down because someone wasn’t watching where she was going. That’s about all I can say right now.



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3 responses to “Rosie’s new roommate

  1. Katy

    Good things happen for good people and their dogs. I’m glad you saved her. Talk to the vet about Care Credit. You can finance the costs at 0 percent. I use this for my unexpected vet costs and love it.

  2. Anderson is great – that is where Sparky (a 1 year old Pyrenees who’s back leg had been hit by a motorcycle) was operated on. The leg will be functional once he gets physical therapy. That’s also where we will take Mister to get his hip replacement. You and V are good people, clearly unlike those fucking cops. Hey I wonder if the cop worried about getting dirty lives in the near southside if you get my drift….Mister and Bella are excited to meet Buffy when she gets on the mend 🙂

  3. That’s so awesome of you guys. The world absolutely needs more Melodys, Vanessas, Katies, etc… 🙂

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