Then. Now. Tomorrow.

My jaw hurts because I clench down on my teeth. I figured out that smiling relieves the pressure. It also makes people think I’m happy. I believe it sometimes, too.

I often ask myself, “Where am I right now? Where am I supposed to be right now? How am I supposed to act in this situation?” Once I have determine those things, then I know whether I’m supposed to smile or frown or drink a beer. A lot of times, especially in social situations, I feel like I’m obvserving from afar. It’s only when someone speaks to me that I become aware of my immediate surroundings. Sometimes I’m surprised that I’ve eaten all my meal or that someone is sitting next to me. Once again, I ask myself how I’m supposed to react so I can try to figure out. Should I laugh right now?

The best trick is staying in the future. In the future, all the bills are paid, deadlines are met, and there are no worries. I’m OK in the now just so long as I don’t think about the past. When I let the realities of yesterday creep in, then I get confused. So I try to keep them all separated. Who I was then. Who I am now. Who I want to be tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s a continuum. I like to keep yesterday in a box that only I get to see.

Right now, I’m going to get dressed. I’m going to eat lunch.


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  1. “I figured out that smiling relieves the pressure. It also makes people think I’m happy. I believe it sometimes, too.”

    It’s true! Just like doing some activity you enjoy (like going for a walk or playing with your dog) can make you feel better not only mentally but physically, smiling makes you feel happier.

    I think when you smile, you are making a decision to take a certain attitude. Plus your body associates happiness with smiling, and therefore smiling with happiness! Even better if you think about the benefits you will reap today from being happy, it is a self-fulfilling activity all in itself:
    You know you will instantly feel better.
    You will make someone around you feel better, and they will make you feel even better in return.
    You help people around you to relax and relieve some of their stress if they are having a bad day. (Some people get depressed when others tell them the horrible day they’ve had. I don’t, because I can then empathize with them and maybe offer a solution that makes their day easier to bear. That causes both they and I to feel better. Sometimes, I can directly help someone solve a problem. I think it’s because I’m equally into other-people-analysis as much as I am into self-analysis, which is a lot.)
    If you are in sales, you will be more approachable and have more sales.
    If someone is lost, they will ask you for directions.
    If you feel better, maybe you’ll get around to cleaning the basement or whatever that you’ve been beating yourself up about.
    If you are in a corporate environment, you will help change the attitude of an entire office.

    On a recent episode of The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan pointed out how one dog (the client’s) was able to affectl the mood of every dog in the neighborhood. It is even more true of people.

    Have a terrific day!

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