So very negative

Apparently the docs are just as surprised as we are that we didn’t get pregnant this time. The stars were all aligned. We know I produced a good follicle. We know I ovulated. My cervix was open, and we had good cervical fluid. Our nurse practitioner says that my tubes might be blocked– so I could be ovulating but the egg isn’t making it down the tubes and/or the sperm isn’t making it up the tubes. She suggested an HSG.

I’ve checked with insurance, and they’re 95% sure it’s covered at 90% (nice, eh? They can’t tell me definitively), so we’ve gone ahead and scheduled the procedure for November 9th. I’m going to take the day off b/c it sounds like I’m going to feel yucky afterwards. It’s done in the Radiology department of the hospital and technically minor surgery.

Halloween tonight at Katie and Dave’s— just one block (stumbling distance) from home. I’m definitely going to be drinking.



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2 responses to “So very negative

  1. We’ve got plenty of 2 Buck Chuck (well it’s more like $3 now..) and beer to drown your sorrows in. And candy 🙂

  2. vee

    Ah shite!
    Sorry to hear that.

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