Lost Voices

There’s a letter on CounterPunch attributed to Kevin Tillman, Pat Tillman’s brother. Pat was the former NFL player who was killed in Iraq by friendly fire. When he died, the military told everyone, including his parents, that he died in combat. Kevin’s letter shows that even the folks who are on the front lines don’t buy all the bullshit of the Bush administration. Their position as soldiers means they can’t always express their true feelings, in the same way that an HR rep can’t tell an employee when she’s getting screwed – only the stakes are much higher in the case of a soldier.

I think it’s easy to get worked up when we see military-types being uber-patriotic and assume that everyone in the military believes the administration’s rhetoric. I can’t imagine the unspeakable horrors that our soldiers and the citizens of Iraq are enduring because of our leadership in Washington. It disgusts me.



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2 responses to “Lost Voices

  1. I can’t imagine any torture worse than being forced to fight for a cause you know to be unjust. How do you live with contributing to the suffering and deaths of innocents– particularly when you know no one stands to gain but a handful of companies and a bunch of bureaucrats? A lot of soldiers have been tricked into signing their lives away, and I shudder to think of the nightmares they and their families are going to be forced to live with if they ever get their lives back.

    When you take a civilian job and discover that the company you work for has terrible ethics, you can find another job and quit. When you sign up for the military, you’re human chattel until they decide to let you go.

  2. Speaking of a handful of companies and bureaucrats handling everything – I heard on NPR yesterday that an estimated $800 MILLION has been stolen, misplaced, or somehow misappropriated by government employees sent there to “manage the rebuilding of Iraq.” What a terrible mess.

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