One in the chute

As previously posted, Vanessa and I have teched up our pregnancy achievement efforts. This morning we went for our first ultrasound. I’m supposed to ovulate on Sunday. Inconveniently, the doc’s office is not open on Sunday, so the plan was to compare today’s ultrasound to another one Monday morning to see what would happen to my egg (whether it would continue to grow larger in my ovary or just go ahead and ovulate naturally) and plan on doing an insemination on Monday afternoon– possibly preceded by an injection of HCG to push the egg on out of the chute.

Ultrasounds are freakin’ cool. We saw my uterus. We saw my ovaries. Best of all, we saw a big fat follicle-containing ovarian cyst. No worries– that’s what you want to see. It’s the cyst from which the follicle (the egg) will burst free. The cyst needs to be at least 1.4 cm, or it’s not considered viable for fertilization. My doc won’t help the egg along with a shot of HCG unless it’s 2 centimeters. Because it’s still 2 days before I expected to ovulate, I figured we’d be looking at something between 1 and 1.6 cm today. But surprise– guess who had a 2 cm cyst this morning. It takes up half the room in my ovary!

So it’s a little earlier than expected, but we made a last-minute call to the cryobank this morning. I got a shot of HCG in the hip at approximately 9:45 AM, and we’re going back with a fresh vial of sperm at 4 PM. The HCG should release the egg from the ovary within 24-36 hours. When she floats down the fallopian tube, she’s going to have some gentlemen callers. I can’t wait. Party in my uterus! There are no guarantees that it’s going to work this time either, but at least we know without a doubt that our timing is spot on. That’s a huge relief.


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