Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have sheep

Rosie would probably just eat them.

Yesterday morning as we were enjoying our breakfast and newspaper, I noticed it was quiet in the living room– too quiet. Rosie had already been fed, but usually she still hangs out next to the table hoping for scraps. Vanessa called to her, and she pranced into the kitchen, yarn strung from her nose to her toes and lassoed artfully several times around her tail. She had also eaten or at least chewed through the yarn in several places.

I know it’s my fault for leaving the yarn out. I know that she’s a dog and has no idea that she did anything wrong and that yelling at her really doesn’t help matters at all and just makes her resent me. I told myself those things as I untangled and unknotted an entire skein of yarn that doesn’t even belong to me since I’m knitting this project as a model for a book a friend is publishing. It didn’t help. Luckily I still had enough yarn to finish.


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