If I could have a super power…

… it would be the ability to ovulate on demand. Based on my fertility cycle for the past 10 months, I typically ovulate on the 13th day of my cycle– that’s tomorrow. Last month I ovulated one day early and so we were only able to do one insemination. It just wouldn’t have made sense to waste the money on another one, since the egg only lasts about 12 hours after ovulation occurs, and the frozen and thawed sperm is only expected to last 24.

We inseminated this morning. My cervix was still mostly closed (it starts to open up as you get close to ovulation), and that made things a little painful. We had a fantastic sample– greater volume than usual (made things extra painful. I admit it. I cried. Then Vanessa cried.) and 50% motility– 20% better than the best sample we ever got from the cryobank we were using previously.

Now that it’s done, I can’t stand the thought of wasting such good swimmers and having the pain be for nought if I fail to ovulate on schedule. We’ll do this again on Wednesday, but who knows if we’ll get this quality of sample again. Also, to be honest, I’m a little gun-shy after what I went through this morning.

I’m just getting tired of the stress of trying to time everything right and fed up with depending on medical professionals and their work schedules. I’m looking forward to the time when my body can just take over and do what it’s designed to do.



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2 responses to “If I could have a super power…

  1. ok, OUCH. I don’t think I realized it was painful.

    Good luck…

  2. It wouldn’t really be painful– just a little uncomfortable– if my cervix had been open. It would be open under ideal circumstances– like that I was just about to ovulate or had just ovulated. The problem is that it was mostly closed, and they had to dilate it open. That’s far from pleasant. This morning I had to get dilated again, but it seems it was just the tip that was closed because once she got past the tip, she slid in just fine.

    It was better this morning, but we still have not gotten an LH surge, so we don’t know if we missed it or if I still haven’t ovulated. That’s really unusual for me for this late in the month. My BBT (Basal Body Temperature) was up by .2 this morning, so I’m hoping that means I ovulated some time during the night. If my temperature goes up sharply tomorrow morning, I’ll be a lot more comfortable that our timing was OK.

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