Indy Recycling

The city has decided to beef up its recycling efforts, according to the Star. The city needs to do something, because recycling in Indy is a pain.

We started recycling about two years ago. I never bothered to sign up for curbside recycling because I know the city loses money on it. Instead, I take all my recycling to the drop-off locations. The city just added a new drop-off bin in Garfield Park. Just having the bin in the neighborhood makes a huge difference.

We started out just recycling plastics 1 & 2, cans, and bottles. These are the items you can recycle using a curbside program or drop-off bin. Last year, I stepped up our recycling to include cardboard, paper, magazines, and plastics 3 through 7. I take all those items to Indianapolis Recycled Fibers on West Street.

Now that we’re recycling more items, our weekly trash is down to the equivalent of one-13 gallon trash bag per week.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to recycle without also looking at reducing and reusing. We try to buy building materials that use recycled content or can be recycled. For example, we’re looking at installing an aluminum roof instead of asphalt shingles. It would be nice if the city cut us a break for spending twice as much as money on a roof than we have to.

Reducing is challenging, but we’re working on ways to reduce the volume of materials that come into our home. By having a garden, we cut down significantly on the amount of plastics and other vegetable containers that we get from the store. I try not to put my produce in bags at the market anyway. I think the biggest thing we’ve done in the area of reuse is eliminating junk mail and prescreened credit offers. By opting out, we’ve cut our mail by two-thirds.


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