Public Park = Public Sex?

A couple of friends of ours are honked off because a woman called the cops on them. They were sitting at the park enjoying the sunshine and minding their own business. The park was filled with moms and their children. One of these moms called the cops because she suspected these two men of intending to engage in some kind of illegal activity. I don’t know if she thought they were going to kidnap a child, go have sex in the woods, or what.

Needless to say, these friends are indignant. Who wouldn’t be? Some bitch calls the cops on you, you’d be pretty fried, too.

This friend decided to post about his unfortunate experience on his blog. Naturally, all the gays and gay wanna-bes are honked off and ready to take action. I think it’s bullshit, too, but what’s the appropriate response?

In my opinion, one appropriate response is for the gay community to address their responsibility in fostering this stereotype. Men of all sexual orientations commit crimes and do nasty things in public parks. Only gay men get the bad rap. Yeah that’s unfair and it sucks. But sex doesn’t belong in our public parks. The gay community needs to define its position on public sex and cruising in public parks and actively discourage members of its community from engaging in these behaviors.

Another way to take on this problem head on is to form a coalition of straights, gays, lesbians, and their pit bulls to patrol our city’s public parks. We should send a message to the lurkers, and the cruisers, and the elementary school teachers having public sex that we won’t tolerate it. We should send a message to the soccer moms and their bratty ass kids that we’re members of this community, we have families in this community, and we’re taking a stand against inappropriate behavior in our public parks.



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7 responses to “Public Park = Public Sex?

  1. Just to reiterate, no one was having “public sex” or even considering it.

    It’s an emotionally-charged situation for these friends because its a natural reaction when you’re unfairly accused to want to rise up against the class of people who you identify with your accuser, but IMO it’s not Indy Parks or IPD or all white women with children who are to blame for this miscarriage of justice. It’s one over-wrought mommy who badly misjudged two innocent gay men. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late to figure out who she was and to give her the tongue-lashing she deserves.

    As far as forming a coalition of pissed off straights, gays, lesbians, and their pitbulls, I think that might be going a little overboard, too. I’m hoping its tongue-in-cheek.

    In my opinion, the best thing anyone can do to make the parks safer is to use them and to greet the people we meet in them. Those intent on committing crimes are less likely to go ahead with them if they’ve been acknowledged, even if the acknowledgement comes in the way of a smile and a hello and not an angry glare and fingers poised over the 9 and 1 buttons of a cellphone. Perhaps more importantly, it fosters a sense of community and lets everyone know that they’re welcome in that public space.

  2. Where’s the fun it that? There’s no activism in greeting people, right? You’ve got to bang the drums and bring in the media.

    Seriously, I agree with you. Simply acknowledging the presence of others can go a long way towards preventing criminal activity.

  3. BTW, I don’t think readers of this blog are gay wanna-bes. That comment is directed at some commenters from my friend’s blog. I’m posting my comments on my own blog because I don’t like to fight with people in cyberspace. But I’ll be happy to beat some bitches down in real life.

  4. I wanna be a gay wanna-be!

  5. J

    Many straight men would be copulating in the parks all the time too, if the women would go along. The heterosexual community has a built in “governor” against public sexual behaviour. Women. I’m not sure pep talks and patrols will do much good in moderating behaviour that is intrinsically male, be they gay or not.

  6. Jason Warner

    So why is no one talking about the real reason men are having sex in the park? A friend of mine, a former Lt. with the Indy Park Rangers quoted to me that 80% of all men arrested for lewd behavior in the parks ARE MARRIED, 80%!!! The problem is that society is so homophobic, gay men feel forced to marry for a myriad of reasons and yet, get their jollys in a public park.

    No one wants to hear solutions to this problem because it’s too large and overwhleming so instead we wring our hands and shakes our heads and say oh those crazy, horny men, when will they stop?

  7. From what I’ve heard from friends in the gay community, closeted married men are a huge problem in Indiana. I had no idea, but I guess a lot of men marry women and then sleep around with men. And, it’s not just trolls either. I always saw a lot of trolls downtown picking up younger men, but I get the impression that these are otherwise normal folks.

    We are a little repressed here. But I don’t know what to do about it. Are any of you lurkers married men who mess around with other men in public places? Give us some insight. Tell us how to solve this problem.

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