Shake or Barrel?

Mel and I are contemplating installing a metal roof on our house. We’ve narrowed down our choices to the following two:

  • Galvanized steel stone coated barrel tile (1)
  • Aluminum shake tile (1,2)

From a purely aesthetic perspective, which do you prefer?



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4 responses to “Shake or Barrel?

  1. Definitely the first one.

  2. Do you think the barrel tile will look OK with an aluminum-sided house? Eventually we intend to re-side with wooden siding to make the house more consistent with the Arts & Crafts style in which it was built.

    I like the barrel tile better myself, but we still haven’t seen it on an aluminum-sided house anywhere.

  3. I like them all, but I lean toward the second one. I’m not sure how it would look on your house since I haven’t seen it.

  4. The tile roof on the house I grew up in had barrel-shaped ceramic tiles and that house was brick and it looked really nice. The brick was a dark red and the tiles were a brown-orange color. I like the barrel-shaped tiles the best. I think just as long as the color is not too abrupt it would look fine with wood, vinyl or aluminum siding. From a distance I don’t always think the general population can tell the difference in what type of material the siding is made out of anyway. I didn’t realize the siding next door was wood until the hail damaged the paint. Though ours clearly looks like aluminum these days with the hail dents all over the one side…

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