Shake or Barrel Redux

I personally like the Spanish-influenced barrel tiles (see previous post), but there are a few other things to consider. Aluminum is lighter-weight, has higher recycled content, and is more energy efficient than steel tiles. (Recall that the attractive barrel tiles are steel while the shake tiles are aluminum.) Aluminum is slightly more expensive than steel, but it’s an Energy Star product which means it qualifies for a $500 tax credit.

In terms of materials, I think most people agree that aluminum is superior to steel. Unfortunately, the aluminum tiles aren’t as attractive. Also, the barrel tiles have a stone-coated finish. The tile feels abrasive, similar to an asphalt shingle. My feeling is that the finish would wear noticeably over time. Rosie knocked the tile sample off the couch and there were crumblies all over the floor. You can repaint an aluminum tile, but you can’t refinish a stone coated tile.

So while I really like the barrel tile, we’re leaning towards the shake. I think if you do the shake in an earth tone such as terra cotta that you can’t tell what kind of tile it is from a distance. The roof just looks textured and warm.

I noticed today that Pizza Hut has a red shake roof. I don’t want my house to look like a Pizza Hut.


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