3rd Time’s a Charm

My temperature was significantly higher on Monday morning than Sunday, meaning that I ovulated a day earlier than expected. That made Monday a great day for an insemination but Tuesday not so much; so we only tried once this month. Ness and I picked up the sample at the local sperm bank, where we had a great experience. There’s no waiting room for prospective parents, so we waited in the actual sperm bank and got to see the rooms where the donations are made. We also got a behind-the-scenes look at the lab, and the technician showed us the sperm under the microscope. They’re kind of cute swimming around in there. It was good to be able to confirm that we were getting lots of good swimmers.

The doctor seemed to think the sample we got from the local bank was of a better quality than what we’ve been getting from Fairfax and that it was somehow related to using frozen then thawed and spun instead of spun fresh and then frozen sperm– like we got a higher volume and better motility. We hope it works this time. This donor has at least 9 pregnancies to his credit– 2 of his own children and 7 from inseminations.

This is only our 3rd month of trying, but it seems like much longer. I want to move on to the next phase– studying up on stuff like morning sickness, birthing techniques, and breastfeeding. I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to reading about that. For instance, did you know that it’s possible to breastfeed even if you haven’t given birth? Even men can breastfeed. You just have to train yourself to do it. For some reason, though, Vanessa is uninterested in the rigors of mammary training.



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2 responses to “3rd Time’s a Charm

  1. You forgot tell them about our deal. I’ll deal with the poopy diapers. You plop out your boobies.

  2. Yeah, right now that’s looking like a pretty good deal, but mastitis might change my mind.

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