Large Aircraft Go Bye-Bye

Air travel just keeps getting worse and worse. Are people going to travel without cell phones, laptops, and wristwatches? Uh, no. Folks will find alternatives to large commercial flights.

I anticipate that fewer people will fly. Vacationers will stay closer to home. Businesspeople will have more virtual meetings. I also believe there’ll be an increase in the use of smaller, private jets. Boeing and Bombardier have created new personal jets. Wealthy people will either buy or timeshare these jets. I expect that those businesspeople and vacationers who have to fly will use smaller, chartered planes.

No matter how it shakes loose, less people are going to use large, commercial airliners. The price to fly is going to increase dramatically. As fewer people fly these larger aircraft, airlines will have to raise prices. As prices rise, folks will look for alternatives where they don’t have to wait as long. Many people will be willing to pay several thousand dollars to fly from the Midwest to the West coast to avoid the hassle of flying on a large aircraft. Those who aren’t willing to pay will either wait in line in the airport or forgo the trip.

It’ll be interesting to see how the government reacts to the changing market of airline travel. They’ve already demonstrated that they’re willing to bail out the large carriers. It’s such a huge waste of money. The market is going to move towards privately owned jets, timeshared jets, and smaller aircraft in general.

I hate to fly. I hated to fly long before the security changed. Now, I absolutely hate it even more. I’m perfectly happy to never fly on a large commercial aircraft again.  If the nature of my work or personal life was such that I had to fly on a regular basis, I’d change it.


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