Adventures in Sperm Banking

It’s almost insemination time again. We’ve got doctor’s appointments for Monday and Tuesday of next week. I (Mel) expect to ovulate on Monday and the doc’s office isn’t open on Sunday when we would usually do our first insemination, so we’re opting to try two days in a row instead of skipping a day like we have in the past.

We’re finally trying out the local bank. It’s just too expensive to continue with Fairfax, and the shipping situation is muy inconvenient. I just ordered two units of IUI from the local bank, and our total is $390. That’s less than 1 vial would have cost us at Fairfax. Plus, no $160 shipping fee and worrying about getting the tank back to them. AND the woman I ordered from this morning told me that she will be doing the washing (prepping the vials) herself and that she will start at 11 AM Monday morning for pick-up around noon. We’ll go straight from the bank to the doctor’s office. Total cost of insemination this month (not including gas, ovulation tests, and pregnancy tests) will be $890. The other times we’ve done it, it has been over $1500.

I’ve been nervous about using the local bank in the past not just because they are poor spellers but because they don’t offer ID Consent donors. Also, it seems like you’d run the risk of your child meeting another product of artificial insemination and unknowingly falling for a biological sibling. What a nightmare! The bank, however, assures me that the last child born using this donor’s sperm in Indianapolis was born in 1990, so as long as our baby doesn’t grow up to have an attraction to geezers or geezettes, we’re OK. : )

In other news, we’ve recently discovered the Donor Sibling Registry, a site that helps children conceived by artificial insemination connect with their donors and, even more exciting, their biological siblings without the participation of the cryobank. This makes me feel a lot better about the fact that our child will not be able to meet his or her biological father. There’s already at least one boy registered on the site who was conceived with sperm from the donor we have chosen.


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  1. Yes, the local sperm bank is a relative bargain.

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