Seduced by Sad Puppy Eyes

Rosie convinced me not to crate her this morning while I went to run an errand. As I was leaving, I eyed a box of manuals and cables that came with my motherboard and considered moving them to a higher spot. But she was laying on the floor in a ball and when she flashed those big brown eyes at me, I knew I would come home to find her in the exact some spot.

Boy was I wrong. I came home to find my coveted SATA and round IDE cables chewed into a million pieces. That’s right, Rosie. It’s my fault. You’re just an innocent puppy who doesn’t know right from wrong.

Now that I’m home, she’s taking a nap on the couch, of course.



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2 responses to “Seduced by Sad Puppy Eyes

  1. We’ve so been there. Uncrated and alone (these incidents except the peeing mostly occurred when Mister was not there…), Bella has destroyed 2 sets of expensive custom small slat wood blinds, several sets of other cheaper paper blinds, my custom designed work bag from 1154 Lill Studio, peed and pooped on the floor more times than I care to count, and peed on both the master and guest beds to name a few things. Seperation anxiety is the pits and while I’m no expert, I would bet based on the research I’ve been doing lately towards the end of not putting Bella on doggie Prozac that in your absence Ro finds her crate more comforting than her large sad eyes would lead you to believe. Warren our trainer, “The Other End of the Leash”, and “I’ll Be Home Soon” would tell you (and after so many times I find it totally infuriating) that you are correct in saying it’s really not their fault…not that it makes you any less irritated. I’m done with the books if you guys want some airplane reading….

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