A Dog Lover’s Call to Action

I’m getting a lot of hits on my post regarding alleged inhumane treatment at the Good Dog Hotel & Spa in Broad Ripple. It seems we aren’t the only ones who had a bad experience. We no longer take Rosie to Good Dog. She now goes to Barkalounge in Beech Grove, and she absolutely loves it. The staff and the environment at Barkalounge are completely different than what we experience at Good Dog. Katy takes her dogs to a place near downtown that she absolutely loves. I’ll post the name as soon as I find it.

In the meantime, I’d like to hear from more people regarding their experiences at Good Dog. I’d love to hear from some folks who’ve had good experiences. There has to be somebody out there. More importantly, I’d like to start brainstorming some ideas for how we can channel these complaints to the proper authorities. It has been alleged by commenters on this blog (myself included) that Good Dog doesn’t treat dogs humanely. If that’s the case, we need to do more than just bitch in cyberspace.

Is there a city agency that we should contact? You’d call animal control if your neighbor was neglecting his dog, but I don’t know if that’s the right approach for a business. Complainants could file with the BBB, but I’m not sure how much teeth that really has. If dogs are indeed being neglected, I want to find someone with the authority to do something about it. Now.

Update: I added a page to the blog that offers some tips on selecting a doggy day care provider and what to do to report animal neglect.



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10 responses to “A Dog Lover’s Call to Action

  1. A friend of mine took her Fox Terrier to Good Dog last year and I walked away with the skeevies about the place and knew that I’d never take my dog Grace there. Basically from the get go the employees weren’t nice to us. It was a last minute emergency situation that madated the dog be boarded and the staff weren’t helpful at all. They treated us like we were a complete nusiance to them and they certainly didn’t come off like they were “dog people” at all. When we were handed the dog over she wanted to sniff the new staff people and get to know them as she’s a very hesitant dog who had been abused as a puppy. Instead of knealing down and meeting the dog on her level or hell even letter her alone the woman shooed her back. Then she slipped a horrible leash over her neck and drug her down the hall. It was only when we absolutely insisted that we get to see where the dog would be staying did they let us walk her down the hall calmly to the kennel instead of being drug all the way.

    Later they told the dog’s owner that the dog was “difficult” and therefore they couldn’t walk her or take her out. The dog’s owner would have to come by several times a day and walk the dog if she were to get any exercise and potty breaks. I thought the place was absoluetly terrible and I told everyone I knew with a dog as much. I’m not surprised so many people are having trouble with the place. It very much seems like a situation where someone opened a business purely to make money with no regard to the responsibility, care and kindness required when taking on care of other people’s loved ones.

  2. Michelle,

    That experience sounds very familiar. I’m so glad we’ve found a decent place to take Rosie now.

    Vanessa, the place Katy takes Charlie and Chile is Tender Loving Pets. I think it’s on Capitol.

  3. Wow. I feel really bad. I’ve been taking my two lab mixes to Good Dog for a couple of years now. They get groomed there and have been boarded twice. The only negative experience I had was that when we picked up the dogs from a two-day Christmas stay-over, they mixed up the medications. This made me nervous because I was worried that, not only would Trinity not get her eye medicine, she might be taking something she didn’t need. Not to mention the other dog who may not have received his/her meds. The staff assured me that the mix-up occurred only after their stay when a young guy went back to get stuff; he’d gone to the wrong kennel.
    Otherwise, the groomer has made time for Trinity when she didn’t otherwise because she really likes our chocolate lab; the staff has always been helpful and nice; and one of the girls even explained to me that it was okay to be upset leaving my dogs overnight because “you can explain to a child you’ll only be gone for a day, but your dogs don’t understand. This is why you’re upset and it’s okay.” I liked that she said that.
    I feel awful that other people have had negative experiences there and it’s made me reconsider where I want to take ours.

  4. I can post that in the past we have had good experiences at Good Dog but we started taking him when they first opened. Mister always was happy to go and he would act weird when we took him to Best Friends. But there is a big but. I think that Good Dog has 2 things going on. First is the service has deteriorated over the last year. Second we have never taken Bella, our high-maintenance, seperation-anxiety ridden, potty-challenged, spastic rescue pup. Only Mister. And up until Mister got GDV 2 weeks ago, he was a super-easy dog to care for. Loving, calm, obedient, mellow, no meds – a kenne’s dream. But then I read the stuff on this site and in other places (Angie’s List)and since Mister has been sick, Bella has been going to the Barcalounge not Good Dog. The contrast between Good Dog and the Barcalounge is really just amazing. The Barcalounge people really care about the health and happiness of the dogs and Brigitte was willing to take Bella site-unseen to help us out because Mister was ill. I’m watching Brigitte (the owner) love on Bella and Rosie as we speak on the Barcalounge’s webcam 🙂 At any rate I am glad Indyness is posting about this – knowing what I know since Mister got sick, a few hours can be a matter of life and death and bad kennels need to be eradicated or fixed. I am not sure exactly who can be contacted but if we really think there is animal cruelty taking place, Animal Control can be called in to do a surprise check I think. Also, I am going to pass this along to some of my contacts that are in the animal training, sitting, rehab and rescue circle in Indy – they may know what can be done. Indyness – perhaps we could ask Brigitte? I am going to ask Sharon who sits for our kitties and who is a friend of Brigittes. She told me just last week that she has had an increase in her clients complaning about Good Dog. Our dog trainer Warren is excellent (www.doggoneconnection.com) and he works at Animal Control – I think I’ll shoot him an email about this.

  5. Courtney,

    I’m really glad you’ve had a good experience with Good Dog. I think Good Dog does well in handling a certain kind of dog – one that’s not very high maintenance. It helps that the staff likes your dog. I don’t think anyone there liked Rosie. They certainly never tried to gain her trust. Our experience was very similar to what Michelle describes. They slipped the leash around her neck like a noose and dragged her down the hallway. After she pissed all over her crate on the way home, we never took her back.

  6. Katy

    Tender Loving Pets Doggy Daycare. My dogs have been going for 4 years. The owner, Chris Strack, is an amazingly dedicated individual who devotes her time and resources to animal rescue, improved treatment of animals, and loving animals. The staff at TLPets are wonderful and adore each dog. Some people may say that the facility isn’t as large or as modern as some of the newer daycares that pop up, but I 110% say that the attention and love your dog receives while at TLPets is worth a concrete floor, not padding. Chris and the staff have helped me potty train puppies, worked with fosters that needed socialization, and continue to pay special attention to the personalities of my dogs. You are missing out by not going to TLPets 717 N. Capital.

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  8. C

    With enough complaints, even if you think you had a good experience with Good Dog- think again.
    Word gets around and as a dog lover, I can’t imagine leaving my dog with someone who is unkind, let alone mixes up medications- no excuse. I have heard about abuse at Best Friends, esp. with the training….really if you love your dog, refer to your vet for a sitter, call a friend, ask a relative; I have had great experiences with vet techs from the Paw Patch- they really care.

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  10. BlewFureFeroWhoffzex

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