No Dice

I’ve been spotting for days, but I hoped that it was implantation bleeding. I took a pregnancy test last Friday, and it was negative. It was so disappointing that I vowed not to take another one until my blood pregnancy test at the doctor’s office this morning. By mid-afternoon today, though, my period was full force. I guess the progesterone can’t suppress it much longer than my normal cycle length. The doctor’s office just confirmed that it didn’t work out again this time.

I doubt we’ll get a chance to try again this month. I’ve got a business trip to San Diego that looks like it will keep me out of town until just after my fertile time is over. On the off chance that I ovulate late or impossibly early, Ness and I have picked out a donor at the local cryobank where we can call one day ahead and just pick up the IUI the morning that we need it. Maybe my body just doesn’t like the donor we’ve been using. The donor we’ve tentatively picked out has 9 confirmed pregnancies out of 24 units that have been sent out– a success rate of 37.5%. Those seem like pretty decent odds.


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