Welcome to Rosie Heaven

We dropped Rosie off at doggie daycare this morning. We take her to Barkalounge in Beech Grove, and she absolutely loves it. We took her to Good Dog in Broad Ripple a few times, but she always dreaded it. I didn’t like the way they dragged her around. And they would leave the Gentle Leader on her all day long, which I know she hated. She was a little skittish at first with Barkalounge, but they worked hard to earn her trust.

This morning Rosie stood outside the front door with her mouth open and tail wagging waiting for Miss Brigitte to open the door. Once the door was opened, Rosie ran straight for the hallway that leads to the play area. She turned around once to look at us and then she bolted. Rosie plays hard, and she always has a big doggie grin on her face when we pick her up at night.

And better late than never: Here’s a few pics of Rosie in her underwear (1, 2).


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