House Sold and other neighborhood updates

The nice tudor across the street from our house sold a few days ago. The single gentleman who bought it is a flight attendant and has another residence in San Diego.

We met two of our neighbors last night. Matt and his girlfriend and their dog Lita moved in three doors down. Lita is a golden retriever mix who is slightly smaller than Rosie. We’re going to do a play date soon. Matt works for the University of Indianapolis and seems very sweet. They’ve done some remodeling to their house and cut down the 10 foot high bushes that dwarfed their home. I like it when neighbors cut down bushes.

The other neighbor we met lives down the block closer to the park. She’s one of the people we call Carmelites. She’s a Carmelite because her house and lawn look like it belongs in Carmel, not three miles south of Downtown. She edges with scissors. She knows she’s a freak about, so I guess it’s OK. She seemed really nice, though.


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