Going Cordless

Mel and I decided it’s time to trade in our reel mower. We knew we didn’t want to go with a gas mower, but we were undecided on corded or cordless electric. I figured we’d end up with a $200 corded orange and black monster. After doing some research and talking to neighbors, we quickly realized that cordless was the way to go.

After looking at the different models, it came down to the B&D CMM1000 or the DR Neuton. I was almost sold on the B&D until I realized that it costs $450 (!) and it weighs 90 pounds. I don’t think so. The DR costs $359 and weighs 48 pounds. Remove the battery (something the B&D can’t do) and it only weighs 33 pounds. The handle folds down and it can be stored in 2×3 space.

The Neuton is more money than we expected to spend, but I think we’ll be happier with it over time.

(Why am I blogging at midnight? I’m killing time while Windows XP installs.)


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