Bye-bye Frigidaire

The previous owners of our house left an old school Frigidaire in our basement. It’s a great fridge, but we don’t have a need for it. I’ve been fretting about throwing it away, because I hate to throw away something that works. I think our neighbors Katie and Dave are going to take it off our hands. One of their dogs did some damage to their beer fridge, so they need a new one. I don’t think their dogs can hurt this Frigidaire.

Check out these pics (1, 2, 3).



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3 responses to “Bye-bye Frigidaire

  1. mac

    This is totally OT – I just couldn’t find your email. Have you seen this???? How weird is that after you just mentioned wanting to learn how to make shoes?

    I’m seriously thinking about ordering the book and having a cobbling party.

  2. If Katie and Dave don’t take it you could always try to sell it on CraigsList for a few bucks. Or have someone haul it away for free. In case you haven’t used it there are sections where you can list household items/furniture/barter/for free. I’ve had pretty good luck using that classifieds service but some people I know haven’t. Hit or miss.

  3. It’s all ours! Now that the Mister drama has passed, we’ll get the dolly and come down and get it ASAP. Dave’s already got all sorts of plans to mod it and I will be happy to have the space freed up in the regular fridge!

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