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Vacation Paradise

The start of our vacation has been hit and miss. We visited Colonial Williamsburg and had an enjoyable dinner. I was deliriously tired after driving the 800 or so miles to get to Hatteras Island. I took two Dramamine while waiting for the car ferry. No motion sickness, but I felt like I was in a drunken stupor for two days afterwards.

Until yesterday, I was either sleeping or catatonic. Of course, Mel interpreted both states to mean that I was miserable. I was miserable, but it wasn't her fault. Much arguing ensued.

I felt myself slipping into depression, but I dragged myself to the beach. At first I was really scared because I've never been in the ocean. I've seen it plenty of times. Mel and I got out pretty far once I figured out how to navigate the waves. I only got really scared one time. The waves were getting pretty big, and we were out pretty far. The waves were taking us farther away faster than they were taking us towards the beach. I started backpedaling pretty fast.

Yesterday was my birthday. Mel got me Marion Nestle's latest book. We went to a nice restaurant last night for dinner. I think we're going to the beach today and maybe the lost colony of Roanoke tomorrow. It depends in part on what tropical storm Alberto decides to do.


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It’s official– didn’t happen this time

Just a quick update before we leave for vacation. I had the blood pregnancy test this morning and got the results back an hour ago. Not pregnant. 😦

Apparently the progesterone supplement I'm taking is pushing my period back and elevating my waking temps. The silver lining is that it has pushed my period and subsequent ovulation out enough that we'll be able to pick our next two units of IUI up from the cryobank while we're on vacation, since we're going to be in the area anyway. We'll spend a little extra to get a 14-day tank, but we'll save $120 on shipping. (Yes! That's how much it costs to ship human tissue apparently!)

We're disappointed, of course. I have to admit, however, that it's a relief to be able to stop taking the progesterone while we're vacationing. Plus, I will definitely be drinking now. After the stress of the last few weeks, I need it!

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Still negative. Still crazy.

Took another pregnancy test this morning, and it was negative again. This is day 27 of my usually 25 day cycle, though. Still no period. Waking temps are still high. I thought that perhaps the Prometrium (the progesterone supplement to correct my luteal phase defect) might be preventing my period from coming on. Getting conflicting information about that on the Internet and from two different nurses at my doc's office– one who says the Prometrium shouldn't delay a period and another who says that it can. I don't know what to think, though I tend to trust the second nurse more than the first. So I'm going in for a blood pregnancy test tomorrow. We leave for vacation tomorrow/Friday morning at midnight, so we decided to just get this out of the way so that I can stop taking the Prometrium over vacation if I am not PG.

If I'm just inexplicably late with my period and NOT pregnant, the good thing is that this pushes my next ovulation out just enough for us to pick up the next two units of IUI from the cryobank in person on our way back from vacation to do another round of inseminations in the doc's office during June. I had thought that we'd skip June because I was due to ovulate right at the end of our vacation. I guess that won't be a problem now.

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Mel here. So we took a pregnancy test last night for the first time. I've been having some symptoms for the past week or so that made me think maybe… For those of you who don't want to know this much about me, avert your eyes.

My boobs have been sore for a week. So sore that I scream every time Vanessa rolls over in bed. So sore that I wore a sports bra last weekend because it eliminates the painful bounce factor. Plus, I'm supposed to be starting my period today, but my waking temperatures have remained elevated since ovulation. I should be having a dip right now if I'm going to start my period, but I haven't so far. Of course, some or all of this could be related to the progesterone supplement I'm taking to correct my short luteal phase. I'm all hormoned up. Feel very sorry for Vanessa.

The test was negative- only one sad little line. I was depressed and angry last night. I've been taking progesterone supplements for two weeks (and that in itself is unpleasant in ways I won't go into here), and my boobs have been killing me just for the fun of it?

This morning my waking temperature is still high, though, and no Aunt Flo so far. So I'm still hopeful. Just wanted to give you all the update.


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Pervasive Lawlessness

I grew up at 537 N Hamilton Avenue, across the street from where seven people were murdered last night. My dad owns three adjacent properties on Hamilton (my inheritance), and I have lots of family still living there. This time last year Mel and I were living at 541 N Hamilton.

A crime like this has been a long time coming in that area. I don’t want to paint the entire Near Eastside with the same brush, but there are quite a few bad pockets over there. The 500 block of N Hamilton is one such area. There’s a pervasive lawlessness that gives it a Wild West feel. There are abandoned cars and houses, frequent fires, lots of pit bulls and Rotts, and late night street brawls. During the day, scores of men laze about with nothing to do. The crazies get crazier as the summer heat intensifies.

I’m not going to bother going into the sociological explanations of what’s wrong with our inner city neighborhoods. The Mayor and the City of Indianapolis need to use this crime as an opportunity to address the resolute helplessness that our inner city citizens face daily. This was not an isolated crime.


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