Evaluating Cryobanks

We are out of IUI units. We need two per month: one for the day before and one for the day after ovulation. A few days ago I (Mel) checked on the inventory for our donor and found, no surprise, that we would have to go on the wait list for him again. We went on the wait list a couple of days ago and were told that we were 7th with at least 3 of the people ahead of us committed to taking 6 units each. Things did not look good for us getting what we needed with the donor’s next “release” in time for my next ovulation. This morning, however, I got a message that he had come back early and some was available. We’re still at least 7 days away from taking another pregnancy test and just can’t justify the expense ($1070 plus tax for 2 units + shipping in a 14-day storage tank) when we’re not sure we’re going to need it, so we decided to pass. So now we go to the end of the waiting list, which is already quite long.

I like the “amenities” we get with this bank, but I don’t like the high costs associated with them. Also, this is the second time there has been a surprise– units suddenly available when they weren’t expected for a couple of weeks. I can’t help but wonder if they’re preying a little on our anxiousness to get the donor we want. We’ve shown that we’re willing to pay a premium for their services– extra for IUI as opposed to ICI, extra for an ID Consent donor, extra for a 14-day tank– and I wonder if it’s easy to take advantage of such customers. I want to believe that these people genuinely care about helping us get pregnant, but at the same time I know they’re not in this for the warm fuzzies. It’s maddening to be dependent on the medical establishment.

We’re planning on at least one more month with this donor and then re-evaluating the local cryobank. The local bank doesn’t provide as much information about their donors, and they do not have any ID Consent donors, so the child will not be able to get in contact with his or her biological father on turning 18. All units are ICI preparations (Intracervical Insemination), so they’d have to be spun (in a centrifuge) for an additional cost for us to use them for IUI. Even so, we’d be paying half of what we’re paying now for each unit, and there would be no shipping since we can pick it up on the way to the doctor’s office. You want to know my biggest beef with the local bank? They spell the word “college” as “collage” on their Web site. Am I the only one that makes nervous?



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2 responses to “Evaluating Cryobanks

  1. OMG, you have to give the link: http://www.follas.com/donorlist.htm

    Check out the ‘Years of Collage’ column.

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