Books make u smrt

Are book hoarders smarter than non-book hoarders? They’re definitely more pretentious. What about folks who list books that they’re reading or have read on their blogs? I get wanting to keep track of a title so you don’t forget about it, but I don’t really care what somebody read three years ago. I can go to the thrift store for that.
I’ve decided to buy less books. I don’t intend to read less, just buy less and use the library more. I don’t want to have to buy a new house because I have too many books.



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3 responses to “Books make u smrt

  1. I keep an online list of books I’ve read. I read a great deal and have friends who either have similar book tastes or consider me a good source for not only new title names but trust my opinion on books as well.

  2. Michelle, you’re definitely smarter than the average bear. And you aren’t pretentious at all. Do you buy your books or borrow?

  3. I mostly get books as gifts for my birthday and Christmas (they are spaced apart in July & December so I get a good stack to keep me busy for six months) or I buy them used. I had been reselling/trading most of my books but lately I’ve been displeased with that practice and have been looking for someplace good to donate books to on a regular basis. I’m thinking perhaps the Hoosier Village senior living center.

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