Project Young’n Round 2 and Rosie Updates

We've just finished up our second round of inseminations last week, and I went back on the blasted progesterone this morning. I'm already in a bad mood, but I think it's because I know what's coming this time– sore boobs with no relief, feeling bloated and heartburny every time I eat, fatigue, stomach upset, and none of this necessarily associated with a pregnancy. I know it's all worth it. It just puts me in a foul mood. Last time I didn't realize how bad I felt until I stopped taking the progesterone and woke up the next morning a size smaller than I'd been the night before.

The second month of inseminations went a little better than the first after a brief hiccup precipitated by the fact that my nurse practitioner was out last Friday and her stand-in must not have known to use the lesbian-sized speculum. Ouch!

In other news, Rosie is out of heat (for the most part), spayed, and feeling like her old self– except that she won't eat her dog food anymore, and boy dogs are still uncomfortably interested in her nether regions. She's not having it, though. The first thing she does upon meeting another dog now is to plop down on said nether regions so that no one can access them. She's also doing this funny snarly-licky thing that's very intimidating for other dogs. She growls and shows her teeth and then licks their snouts as if to say, "Don't get on my bad side, buster." She has her energy back, though. Ness is taking her to doggy daycare tomorrow.

Rosie is suddenly very protective of me. If Ness tries to tickle me or pretends to attack me, Rosie throws herself against me and defends me with much growling. I don't think it's because she senses a pregnancy necessarily, but I do think she understands that something's up with me hormonally, and she wants me left alone. I think she feels sorry for me because she has been so hormonal herself for the last month.


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  1. Hey, this is totally unrelated – though I feel for you in this situation; the boobs, the hormones, the irritability – but I just wanted to say thanks for the tips on my bloggie-journal thing today. It helps a lot and we’re definitely going to look at near-east and near-west sides of town. I checked out the restaurants and theatre and activities and I wonder why I haven’t looked into that area yet. I guess because we pretty much just started looking yesterday.
    If your doggy’s still in heat, there are little pants you can buy for her. Ours didn’t get spayed right away because she got so huge so fast, so I had to put protective velcro denim dog pants on her. You can get disposable pads for them. That sounds so gross. Sorry.

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