It’s official– didn’t happen this time

Just a quick update before we leave for vacation. I had the blood pregnancy test this morning and got the results back an hour ago. Not pregnant. 😦

Apparently the progesterone supplement I'm taking is pushing my period back and elevating my waking temps. The silver lining is that it has pushed my period and subsequent ovulation out enough that we'll be able to pick our next two units of IUI up from the cryobank while we're on vacation, since we're going to be in the area anyway. We'll spend a little extra to get a 14-day tank, but we'll save $120 on shipping. (Yes! That's how much it costs to ship human tissue apparently!)

We're disappointed, of course. I have to admit, however, that it's a relief to be able to stop taking the progesterone while we're vacationing. Plus, I will definitely be drinking now. After the stress of the last few weeks, I need it!


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